China Food Import (Export Food and Drink to China)

Warehousing – Cold Chain

Heighten offers a range of warehousing solutions for our customers. Shanghai is a critical hub for the growing food and drink imports to China. Shanghai boasts an excellent range of temperature controlled warehousing for frozen, chilled and ambient products.

Overall the quality of the cold stores in Shanghai are some of the best in China. Not only are the warehouses themselves good, but other key factors also ensure that Shanghai is an excellent choice for your products.

The Shanghai local government are extremely active, ensuring controls are maintained. Similarly, most of the national and local laws are very well policed. Furthermore, level of service is much higher that some other areas of China which makes Shanghai ideal for a main hub.

Critically Shanghai offers excellent cold chain distributions services which means getting your product around China is much easier, more flexible and on the whole more cost effective.

Heighten works with a number of international and local businesses to support their operations. Why not contact us and discuss your Cold Chain Warehousing needs?