Museum Logistics – ERC2018

European Registrars Conference 2018 ( is the biennial gathering of many of the world’s Museum Registrars to discuss key topics impacting the industry.

For 2018, ERC was hosted by UK Registrars Group in London. Home of some of the world’s leading museums and collections.

Heighten was pleased to be attending and having the chance to catch up with partners from around the world.

The conference programme included a wide range of topics covering law, collection management, insurance and the impact of technology on the sector. Logistics related topics were understandably highly represented. There were excellent talks on diverse museum logistics subjects such as packaging, couriers, airfreight and cooperation.

With the wealth of knowledge and experience on hand it was no wonder that talks outlined some facinating case studies such as the excellent presentation on The First Travelling Show in Saudi Arabia  presented by Erika Franek, LACMA, Paul Williamson, Constantine and Tina Sullivan, Masterpiece.

The chance to exchange ideas and talk outside of active projects is very important for the industry. Museum collections vary widely around the world and there are many nuances that need to be considered.

Heighten looks forward to deepening our relationships and will be proudly attending ACS2019 in Philidephia.