Museum Logistics – ERC2018

European Registrars Conference 2018 ( is the biennial gathering of many of the world’s Museum Registrars to discuss key topics impacting the industry. For 2018, ERC was hosted by UK Registrars Group in London. Home of some of the world’s leading museums and collections. Heighten was pleased to be attending and having the chance to […]

Warehousing – Cold Chain

Heighten offers a range of warehousing solutions for our customers. Shanghai is a critical hub for the growing food and drink imports to China. Shanghai boasts an excellent range of temperature controlled warehousing for frozen, chilled and ambient products. Overall the quality of the cold stores in Shanghai are some of the best in China. […]

Bamboo Flooring Sourcing & Supply Chain

Bamboo is an important natural resource from Eastern China. Bamboo was identified in the 1980’s by the government as a potential green business that could bring economic benefits to rural regions. Since then it has grown into a billion USD industry. Current figures put the Chinese bamboo economy in 2013 at 27bn USD (167bn RMB) […]

The Sino-German relationships – Part 1: Trade relationship

The trade volume between Germany and China has sharply risen since the beginning of the millenium and reached about 140 billion Euro in 2013 (2003: 44 billion Euro). After the economic and financial crisis arround 2007 to 2009, the trade relationship has become relatively balanced again, with a remaining, “small” trade surplus for China (+7.6 […]

EUTR & China trade. Will it effect your business?

EUTR – European Timber Regulations, came in to effect as of March 3rd 2013. How do they effect your China timber and wood business? Whether you exporting raw material to China or importing finished products such as furniture, flooring or even paper to the EU you should be aware of the new legislations. This article […]

Settlement in RMB/CNY. What could it do for your business?

Since 2009 the PBOC Peoples Bank Of China has been experimenting with direct settlement in RMB. Up until then, wherever you were in the world you would have deal in USD. Dealing in USD meant that countries not using USD would have to take on multiple exchange rate risk. For example an European company would […]

Flooring Inspection Services

The port of Shanghai handles huge volumes of flooring out of China as well importing much of the raw materials used in the world’s wooden flooring. Flooring Quality Control (QC) is a vital part of sourcing and ensuring a healthy business. However for many small and medium enterprises having a permanent resource on the ground […]

China Export Company

China controls the flow of goods in and out of the country. One of the ways the Chinese government does this is through the restriction of export licenses. Typically large manufacturers and producers will have their own licenses for the specific industry they operate in, however, for smaller businesses the capital requirements can be too […]

China Tea Import and Export

China is known around the world for many products. One of the countries most famous produce is tea. A commodity that has been long sort by Chinese and people around the world. Heighten offers specialist services for tea import and export. Our experience goes beyond plain vanilla freight forwarding services. Our team and extended network […]