China Wine Import Services

The volume of wine imported through Shanghai port has grown tremendously, fuelling the appetite for imported wines, spirits and beers.

Although on the surface it seems profits are potentially huge, there are many hurdles to importing wine to China. First of all the market is now very competitive with both local importers and international businesses fighting for market share.

The wine importation process, handled correctly and with informed knowledge, though without challenges should not be a limiting factor in approaching this market. With a trusted partner, navigating the various challenges is case of preparation and time management.

Heighten China Wine Import Service supports your business allowing you to focus on driving your China sales or developing your China partnerships.

By utilising a third party, you ensure greater visibility and control of the product’s movement in the Chinese market so keeping your options open. Critically, rather than being tied to a Chinese partner who may move the goal posts leaving you with potential you still have opportunities to leverage new opportunities and alternative routes to market.

Contact us for proven advice on how to import wine to China. With our Shanghai and Europe bases, get independent and transparent advise.