Heighten Shanghai International Freight forwarderShanghai's Skyline at the Huangpu river

Besides partnerships between regions (see post “The Sino-German relationships – Part 2: Partner provinces”), there’s also a multitude of city partnerships:

  • Leipzig, known for bio medical and environmental/ new energy engineering & Nanjing, known for electricity and chemical industry as well as steal production and related to it vehicle and machinery production: Trading relationships are very common, as both have large airports and Nanjing additionally has an inland port (capacity of 50 Mio. tons. p.a.).
  • Hamburg, known for one of the biggest European container ports and Shanghai, having the world’s largest container port: Institutionalized partnership with Hamburg Liaisons Office in Shanghai and official agreements on joint projects with focus on energy, environment, media life science, engineering etc. (depends on current agreement). Furthermore they have a port partnership to improve the supply chain between China and Europe.
  • Nuernberg/ Erlangen/ Fuerth are very strong on traffic engineering, energy and environmental technology, medical and communication engineering, while Shenzhen is esp. strong on electrical engineering and telecommunication.
  • Regensburg, known for automotive engineering, bio-, sensor and electro-technology, as well as for machinery engineering, energy and IT-Security has a relationship with city of Qingdao, especially known for their Tsingtao beer, but also as important trading port (third largest port in China).
  • City and district union of Ansbach, Dinkelsbühl, Feuchtwangen und Rothenburg ob der Tauber with the city of Jingjiang (key industries are biomedical and new material industries, vitamin supplementary industry beyond others) near Shanghai connects small to medium cities whose cooperation is not focused on special industries but of a more general kind. There’s a number of different German companies located in Jingjiang and a professional China trade association in Germany is consulting SME companies (FGZ Deutschland).
  • Dresden (known for food industry, packaging technology beyond others) and Hangzhou (known for new medicine, food processing, chemicals and many other industries) have a regular, intensive exchange in science and technology, e.g. the consequences of water flooding, cancer research etc. Hangzhou is, like Germany, marked by small and medium sized enterprises.

Sources and the full report is available on demand (mail to: contact@heighten-sh.com)