Flooring Inspection Services

The port of Shanghai handles huge volumes of flooring out of China as well importing much of the raw materials used in the world’s wooden flooring.

Flooring Quality Control (QC) is a vital part of sourcing and ensuring a healthy business. However for many small and medium enterprises having a permanent resource on the ground in China can be impractical. Likewise, finding an independent, reliable and experienced QC company can be difficult. Unfortunately many Chinese companies either are not specialised enough and will offer QC on any product or may be too closely associated with the supplier/manufacturer.

Flooring issues are varied and can range from uneven thickness, inconsistent colouring and gloss, poor compression, poor cutting, insufficient layers of coatings amongst others. Moisture content is a critical factor in flooring and it is vital to be aware of the variation that is needed from country to country and even within a country. Moisture levels should be equalised to be loading. A common issue is that with suppliers and consignees constantly battling with lead times that product is loaded too early resulting issues on arrival.

It is not only buyers who are keen to have flooring inspected independently before shipping, many professional flooring factories now request that flooring QC is completed. Claims can be damaging to business and divert considerable time away from core operations.

There is a significant number of Chinese flooring manufacturers based in JiangSu, Zhejiang, Anhui and North JiangXi producing solid wood flooring, laminated flooring, engineered flooring and bamboo flooring.

If you are involved in China flooring contact Heighten to see how we can expand your reach in China and improve your China operations.