The Sino-German relationships – News

  Saxony intends to expand the economic relationship with China. China has become the most important export market for the Saxon economy: In 2014 Saxon enterprises have exported goods for about 6.4 billion Euro to China (+36% compared to 2013), depicting about 18% of Saxony’s total exports.[1] Therefore, China has come into focus and the […]

The Sino-German relationships – Part 2: Partner provinces

… There’s a multitude of partnerships between the so called “Bundesländer” in Germany and Chinese provinces. In the following section, some of these partnerships are breifly introduced. Bavaria and Shandong: Bavaria is the most important German trading partner for China with about 19% of the German-Chinese trading volume. An internet forum has been set up […]

Opportunities for European pet food in the Chinese market

. China has become one of the most important pet markets in the world, having about 290 million pets in 2013 (number of European pets: ca. 270 million). Hand in hand with the rise in ownership rates (+35% since 2000), the expenditures for pet supply have risen: In 2013 the Chinese spent about 7.84 billion RMB […]