The Sino-German relationships – Part 2: Partner provinces

There’s a multitude of partnerships between the so called “Bundesländer” in Germany and Chinese provinces. In the following section, some of these partnerships are breifly introduced.

  • Bavaria and Shandong: Bavaria is the most important German trading partner for China with about 19% of the German-Chinese trading volume. An internet forum has been set up to support exchange and international trade between Bavaria and Shangdong:
  • Baden-Wuertemberg and Jiangsu: The most important trading goods between the two provinces are machinery and vehicle components. But also electro mobility plays an important role in this relationship.
  • Sachsen and Hubei: Their cooperation is especially strong in the field of environmental protection and water management.
  • Thüringen and Shaanxi: They have a special cooperation: Environement sensor technology (air quality sensors). The trading volume increased in recent years.
  • Hessen (Frankfurt) and Shanghai: They have a special relationship in the financial sector. Beyond this the relationship is more on the cultural and social level.
  • Brandenburg and Hebei: The economic cooperation is focused on new energies (including construction of a hybrid power plant in Hebei) as well as on systems engineering, energy efficiency, environmental protection, information and communication engineering, media, agricultural engineering and bio technology.

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